4 thoughts on “D16B – Cotto

  1. What was your favorite part of the whole experiment and what did you enjoy doing the most?

    1. One of my favorite parts of the experiment was handling the flies even though I was so freaked out to touch/kill them! It gave everyone in the lab a good laugh haha. I definitely enjoyed seeing our results the most, however, because they were so promising and interesting it just felt good to have something go the “right” way. I am so grateful that I was able to come in person because my favorite memories from the semester are when I was able to interact with my TA and classmates :).

    1. Hi Nadine! Yes, there were a few challenges my group faced, but not many of them were the result of faulty methods or techniques, which is very exciting! I would say most of our limitations regarded time available, amount of people available in lab, lack of trials, and the tediousness that comes with quantifying dozens of pupae in one sitting. We had a few contaminated vials here and there, but for the majority of our experiment we just wish we had more time and more data to validate our results and conclusions.

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