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    1. From previous studies, journals, and research, propolis has been seen to have positive anticancer effects in its ability to initiate apoptosis in its intrinsic and extrinsic pathways. It has been proposed that propolis regulates the genes involved in apoptotic cell death.

    1. Our model organism represent tumor cells, so killing them means that we are testing an effective chemotherapy. Lower survival rate of the flies represent tumor cells being killed.

    1. For the propolis powder, more dilutions between 0.025 and 0.0125 would give us an idea of when the concentration of 0.0125 became ineffective.

  1. Is there the possibility to test the oil at an even higher concentration to see its effect? 0.1 mg/mL is rather low for a maximum dose.

    1. Well, the 0.1 mg/mL was for the powder, the highest concentration for the oil was 1% of the stock solution. Even though unlikely to produce a result, that would not be a bad idea to research. Possibly before that, however, we could investigate the differences between the oil and pure powder to see what could be in the oil that is not in the powder that is preventing a hit.

  2. Why is a low survival rate indicate a potential for cancer treatment? Wouldn’t it be the other way around?

    1. Our model organism, the flies, represent human head and neck cancer cells, so killing them would suggest that tumor cells would also die with our compound. We are not giving our model cancer, rather, our model is the cancer.

    1. Drosophila Melanogaster represent human head and neck cancer very well. They have a short life cycle, so easy to test on and breed, but more importantly, they have genetic similarities to humans, especially with regard to disease causing genes. For example, both humans and the flies have checkpoint proteins (known as grps) in flies, that when mutated can effect the cell cycle greatly.

  3. Great job! Which model organism would you continue to use for propolis oil research if given the chance?

    1. As said in the poster under future directions, if given the chance to continue this research, we would test propolis oil on mice because we would need success in preclinical trials with that before human cancer cells or even human volunteers.

      1. In the above comment, I mean we would further our research with propolis powder, not the oil!

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