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    1. Propolis is collected by honeybees from various tree buds and is used to help construct their hives. It is also known as “bee glue”.

    1. It is hard to tell why propolis oil and powder had such different effects from this experiment alone, however I would guess that other ingredients in the propolis oil decreased its effectiveness towards killing the flies. In other words, the anti-cancer effects that were expected to result from propolis oil were silenced due to contamination from other substances.

  1. Why did you hypothesize that the compounds would have synergistic effects? Is there background information from past studies that made you come to this hypothesis?

    1. I hypothesized that the compounds would have a synergistic effect with radiation because previous studies show that propolis induces apoptotic cell death in fast dividing cells and inhibits angiogenesis. Due to the anti-cancer effects of propolis, I believed that the fast dividing stem cells in the larvae would be weakened by propolis and sensitized to radiation, resulting in a synergistic effect.

  2. what do you hypothisize will happen with long term trials with Rattus norvegicus as the model organism

    1. I would hypothesize that propolis oil would have little to no effect on the Rattus norvegicus organism. It is hard to tell what type of effect the propolis powder would have on this model organism, however I would predict that the powder would be effective towards attacking tumors within this organism. More studies need to be done with the powder to find even lower effective doses before proceeding to animal studies.

  3. Do you think that with a higher dose than the amount used in this experiment of the propolis oil will result in a positive result or remain the same as the result derived from this experiment?

    1. I believe if the dose of propolis oil was high enough, there would be a notable decrease in survival. However, for our purposes in this lab, 0.1 M concentration was the highest concentration that was tested in all experiments I believe. A compound administered at a much higher concentration would not be deemed a potential chemotherapy as we want to find compounds that are effective at low doses to decrease toxicity experienced by patients.

  4. Hi Carter, great job. What dose would you like to use to test for synergistic effects? Thanks!

    1. I would like to test a various doses between the concentrations of 0.025 and 0.0125 mg/mL in order to find a low concentration dose that shows to have a synergistic effect with radiation.

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