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  1. At 3:44 you say it’s effective in cell cycle arrest; how do you know this? What did you do to test this? If you only had 5 larvae can you draw any significant conclusions from this?

    1. Hello! We know that Arcyriaflavin A induces cell cycle arrest. It was recognized that it was effective in cell cycle arrest in our results because if the drug had not worked, the larvae would have survived and they would have turned into flies. The percent survival also would have been high as well if it was not effective. We tested this with our dilution series of Arcyriaflavin A. At lower doses of this drug, we expected the percent survival to be a little higher as the dosage got smaller. The percent survival at these lower dosages was still low, just not enough to be considered a hit. Through this we were able to conclude that Arcyriaflavin A was effective in cell cycle arrest due to the low percent survival. From our 1 vial that had only 5 larvae in it that was considered a hit, we deemed it unreliable because it did not have near enough larvae in it to make significant conclusions off of.

    1. Hello! We did not face any major challenges in our research. Our results could be improved and that is another reason why Arcyriaflavin A could be a promising chemotherapeutic. Due to COVID-19, we were not able to perfect our pipetting techniques like other labs were able to in previous semesters. We did get better and improved throughout our research and our results from our research on Arcyriaflavin A on radiated and non-radiated larvae can be a good indicator for that. It is the second graph under the results on our poster.

  2. What are the next steps if you determine on flies that this can be an effective treatment?

    1. If Arcyriaflavin A is an effective treatment on flies, the next steps would be to test on another living organism, such as mice. The mice or other living organism would give researchers a better look at what the drug might do to other living cells and effects on organisms as a whole.

  3. Great presentation! My one question for you, is what impacts do you think adding more Arcyriaflavin A to your serial dilutions will have?

    1. Thank you! If higher concentrations of Arcyriaflavin A were to be added to the serial dilutions, the survival rate would hopefully decrease, potentially making the drug a hit. There is a risk though. The risk with higher concentrations of any drug is toxicity to the organism/patient and what detrimental effects it could have on the organism/patient.

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