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    1. The P53 gene is a tumor suppressor gene. If it’s mutated, it can no longer prevent cell proliferation of tumor cells because inhibition of cell growth is lost. The other mutation I mentioned was the grapes mutation. It is homologous to Checkpoint Kinase I found in humans. If this mutation was present in flies, they are more susceptible to radiation and would result in more dna damage.

  1. Why did you use combination therapy to begin with? Did you think it wouldn’t be effective enough on it’s own?

    Do higher dosages carry higher risk when it comes to this compound

    1. We used combination therapy because it is known that with various therapies being tested at once, it can increase the percent survival of patients. We wanted to test the effects of radiation with our drug, Arcyriaflavin A, to see their combined effects to kill the flies. When we gathered our results, we discovered that the drug was almost equally effective with and without radiation. We did not hypothesize for this to occur because we hypothesized that it would be most effective with radiation and the drug.

      Higher doses could carry higher risk because they could have a higher toxicity effect than the lower doses but it cannot be accurately determined until further testing is done.

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