8 thoughts on “D17c – Sica

  1. This was an amazing presentation! If you had more time to study this compound, what would you have preferred to research about it?

    1. Thank you! If I had more time to study this compound, I would want to look more into how it effects other types of cells since it is a venom.

  2. How much variation do you expect between in vitro vs in vivo trials with your compound? Do you feel like the environment you performed your experiments in matches that of a cell close enough?

    1. I feel like the environment our experiment was conducted in does closely match that of a macrophage because the media we used for the bacteria is similar to the inside of a macrophage.

  3. What’s the relevance of melittin having bacterio-static properties and what does that mean?

    1. Overall there is not a big difference in the effectiveness of bacteriostatic and bactericidal antibiotics because if an antibiotic can simply stop the growth of bacteria, the immune system is able to handle the existing bacteria. I guess the relevance is mostly for us to get an understanding of how this compound works and interacts with bacteria.

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