9 thoughts on “D18B – Luscher

  1. How effective does a chemotherapy treatment have to be with the flies to be considered for human use?

    1. Hi Gabe, the exact dose for human testing isn’t actually determined by the flies. The point of testing in the flies is just to get an idea of if this compound might have chemotherapeutic or anti-tumor effects. Before human testing, I’m sure that other cell cultures would be tested, or maybe another model organism similar to that of humans could be used.

  2. Hi Lars, great job. Is there point where the percent survival is considered too low? Or is lower always better? Thanks!

    1. Hi Luis, although I am unsure of the exact numerical value the answer is yes. Too low of a percent survival is actually considered a toxin or poison, and is not beneficial in chemotherapy.

  3. If you were to continue your experiments, how would you further test the resveratrol to know if it will work in chemotherapy?

    1. Hi Claire, If I could continue testing Resveratrol, I would probably run more dilution series to determine the dose at which it is most effective, and I could also test the trans-resveratrol and cis-resveratrol separately to see if there are differences in the effectiveness.

    1. Hi Katie, the doses that we tested were chosen in a 1:2 dilution series, starting with 6 ug/mL, and continuing until 0.75 ug/mL. We also tested 60 ug/mL, and this value was chosen because it was the maximum solubility of Resveratrol.

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