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  1. How does the bacteriostatic nature of the drug contribute to how effective it could be as an antibiotic? Do you think it will inhibit its effectiveness?

    1. Again, bacteriostatic drugs don’t necessarily kill bacteria at safe doses, but limit the growth and reproduction of it. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the drug is less effective though. Bacteriostatic drugs are effective because they control the growth of bacteria and that gives your body’s immune system time to mount a specific response against the pathogen. So bacteriostatic drugs aren’t less effective than bactericidal drugs (Ones that kill bacteria). They just work differently and deal with bacteria differently.

    1. I feel like they definitely could, which is unsettling. Though this is undesirable and it is ideal that the bacteria won’t be able to develop resistance a drug, it is still important to discover new types of antibiotics because of the increasingly growing amount of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

  2. How accurate is the assumption that more people could be killed by antibiotics resistance than cancer in the year 2050 because that is a scary statistic?

    1. Yeah, this is definitely a terrifying statistic. I can’t exactly testify to the accuracy of the statistic. But the data was gathered from the CDC, or the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. So I would say that the assumption is believable and that we should go forward under the assumption that it is true to raise awareness about the issue.

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