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  1. What other flowers in the plumbago family would you use instead of the one used in this experiment?

    1. Plumbago Indica, a flower in this family found in Asia, could also be tested because it has very similar medicinal uses to Plumbago Zeylanica targeting tumor growth as well.

  2. What types of cancer would plumbago zeylanica be best at fighting off and is there any type of cancer that plumbago zeylanica can fight off without the use radiation along with it?

    1. Plumbago Zeylanica has been specifically tested in breast cancer and bone cancer, but showed very promising results in our experiment which is replicating growth in neck and head cancers

      1. In regards to fighting off cancer without radiation, that is something that would require further experimenting with tumors in different parts of the body. Although, our drug did show promising results in survival rate without radiation in this specific experiment, so it is possible that Plumbago Zeylanica could work in head and neck cancers without radiation.

    1. When creating a dilution series, you do this to have less and less concentrations of the drug you are using and by doing this the expected result is to have a higher and higher survival rate. In our experiment, we start to have this curve with the first two dilutions, but then it drops back down at 50 ug/mL which is a little unexpected and this could be due to errors in our experiment or the likely cause, due to the huge variation of amount of larvae we have. By redoing the dilution series and furthering the dilutions, we hope, with consistent amounts of larvae, to have a steady survival curve. This could also help us determine at exactly what concentration our drug could be a hit, meaning two standard deviations below the negative control.

  3. You said that this compound is used in therapies, why is this? What does it do?

    Would isolating this compound increase the effectiveness of the compound?

    1. Plumbago has been proven very successful in arthritis therapies, so treating joints and chronic pain. It treats tumor growth because it has a compound called chloroplumbagin which induces cell death rate which is crucial in tumor growth because the cell growth rate is uncontrolled. Since this compound is derived from a natural plant source, there is a chance that isolating this compound from Plumbago itself could still be very effective but this would require more research.

  4. In the description of your graph you mentioned the controls as having been varied, is there a method to obtain more consistency in the larvae?

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