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  1. Hello Kevin. I had a question about some of your methods in this experiment. How were you able to determine which flies that were receiving the experimental treatment actually had cancer? Was there some specific assay or test that you used to determine whether flies had the beginning stages of tumor tissue? Thanks!

    1. We used screens to sort out third instar larvae, which we used in our experiments to administer the compounds

  2. I loved your presentation and was wondering if you gained any insight as to what the LD50 for these drugs would be? I know this is a big concern pertaining to chemotherapies as the ED50 is usually very near the LD50.

    1. Even though we did multiple concentrations we weren’t able to get an ED50 due to not enough trials/ data to have an idea.

  3. Hi Kevin, I loved your presentation! A lot of information to cover. I was curious, if you could redo this lab, what would you change in order to get the outcome you expected? Thank you.

    1. We would probably dilute our Harringtonine compound so that more results could be obtained since it was our limiting reagent in our experiment.

    1. The dose of these drugs is intended for the maximum concentration that the cells can absorb, so I would assume by this definition that other cells would experience these effects as well.

  4. Cool project. You mentioned that these potential chemotherapy drugs work by inhibiting the cell cycle which allows radiation to effectively kill cancerous cells. Would there be severe collateral damage within a multicellular organism to the point where this drug couldn’t be used? How would you minimize the negative effects of the drug on non-cancerous cells while maintaining efficacy against cancerous cells? Also, could this drug be used on several types of cancer?

    1. Yes, this is a problem we also were wondering. This is something that would have to be perfected in advanced research because there is not enough specificity in our experiments to determine the difference these compounds would have on normal cells vs rapidly dividing cancer cells.

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