8 thoughts on “D1d – Pherigo

    1. My favorite part of this project was getting to work with bacteria and see the effects of the compound we choose on those bacteria, and see my compound actually work to kill the bacteria!

  1. Fantastic presentation! One question though, do you know exactly how Terpin-4-ol kills the bacteria, like does it activate a flip-flop signal or bind to certain receptors?

    1. Based on the testing, we believe terpinen-4-ol is a bacteriostatic compound, meaning that the compound prevents the bacteria from replicating, likely by preventing DNA replication.

  2. How valuable do you think this research can be in it’s medical implications, based on the results? Or is this a better representation of the process that is being used to find much more effective medicines?

    1. Based on initial testing, this compound appears to be very valuable, as the compound appears to be highly effective, so this could be highly valuable in terms of producing an effective medicine.

  3. Great presentation!! I was just wondering what more could be learned about this antibiotic? How might the research of this specific antibiotic affect other treatments?

    1. The effectiveness of this antibiotic in a human body, as well as in another solvent could be very useful to learn whether this treatment could be effective in terms of fighting infection. This research could lead to the development of a new treatment that could cure antibiotic resistant infections that current treatments are unable to cure.

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