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  1. The presentation is great, a little long but it includes all the necessary content to understand the research and the results that were obtained, for future reference maybe avoid putting so much text in the poster since it is a lot of reading, try summarizing a little to make it more visually appealing

    1. Thank you! The readability of the poster definitely could have been improved by limiting the amount of text in each section.

    1. We suspected that the garlic oil could be a nutrient for bacteria as it had an increased absorbance level, which indicated that there was bacteria growth.

  2. Katie, you did a great job at explaining the lab and the importance of it. You mentioned two different olive oils that you could test. Do you have an idea of which one you think would be better or do you predict they may react similarly to the olive oil you used in this lab?

    1. Moving forward with our research we could either test fresh garlic oil or lab-grade garlic oil. As I mentioned in the poster/presentation, an isolated compound may not be effective as the whole product. Due to this I believe that fresh garlic may be more effective as it would contain the whole raw product. The lab-grade garlic oil may not contain all that compounds found in fresh garlic.

  3. I think this poster was fantastic and included great information, and just as important, it’s visual appeal with the flow charts and clear organization makes it likely more people will engage and read the material.

    1. I had no idea that by 2050 bacteria is projected to kill more people than cancer. My one question would be how this affects our own, good, bacteria in our microbiome.

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