12 thoughts on “D20B – Calton-Fulkerson

    1. from my understanding, it would definitely more effective against gram positive bacteria because they don’t have that extra barrier on their cell wall. different bacteria have different defense mechanisms to protect themselves from “invaders” like the compounds my group tested. It is possible that EGCg could be more effective against different types of bacteria.

    1. It could have been a user error, the way we pipetted or not getting a proper dilution series to accurately show the difference absorbance through the concentrations.

  1. If EGCg was proven to have antibacterial effects, would you you use a pure form of this as an antibiotic or would you find an analog?

    1. in this application a pure form is best because we first want to understand if the compound works as we hypothesize. In the future, we could use chemical engineering to make it a more stable and effective compound.

    1. I’m am not sure. you can find EGCg in most homeopathic stores and we bought a lab grade EGCg from a major company. I am not sure how they isolate the active ingredients.

  2. Were there any potential sources of experimental error? How did you decide on Green Tea for fighting an antibiotic?

    1. We had a database of compounds that students in prior semesters had completed so we had an advantage of seeing what might already be working. Our group thought green tea sounded interesting and there was solid scientific research already completed as well.
      The error came from the over the counter grade having a dye in it that distorted the data. Also, the error could’ve come from human error pipetting.
      Thanks for your questions!

  3. In future experiments, would you continue using over the counter EGC or transition to lab grade EGC?

    1. definitely just the lab grade because we got better data from that. interesting, the cover the counter should be more effective because the FDA approves it for consumption, although the dye in it distorted the data. So for this application the lab grade is better.

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