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  1. Is the image included within your conclusions section that of the embryos placed in fresh food vials?

    1. yes, the image in the conclusion section is what the vials looked like when we were quantifying the survival of the flies after 12 days of being in the food vials!

    1. We were able to differentiate between the dead and alive larvae by placing the vials over a lightbox. If the flies never came out of their pupa they were considered alive and if the flies remained in the pupa as seen by a darker shadow or black dot, they were considered dead.

    1. The efflux pump would remove unwanted substances from the cell and hopefully revive the antibiotic activity to increase antibiotic resistance in bacteria

    1. The combinatorial treatment of chemotherapy and radiation show that it is better to use both treatments at a lower dosage rather than one with a higher dosage because it helps to minimize side effects while maximizing the reduction of cancer cells.

  2. Would you want to perform this experiment with any different independent variables in the future?

  3. in the future, we could test the compound at different temperatures with the same dilution to see if that has an impact rather than testing different dilutions in this experiement.

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