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  1. Good job Stephanie! How can antioxidants help protect DNA and other organic molecules from free radicals?

    1. Thank you! Antioxidants essentially neutralize the free radicals. Once they are neutralized, the free radicals can’t do any harm to the DNA.

  2. What was the most challenging part of your research? Did you get any results you were not expecting?

    1. The most challenging part was creating the dosing series. We extracted resveratrol from capsules which was a messy process and the method we used to do so may have caused some inaccuracies when we created our stock.

    2. The most challenging part was creating the dosing series. Extracting the resveratrol from capsules was a messy process and the method used to do so may have contributed for some slight inaccuracies.
      Yes we did have unexpected results. We expected resveratrol higher concentrations to decrease percent survival, but our results showed that higher concentrations led to higher percent survival.

    1. We would have to aim to have a minimum of 50 flies, more specifically larvae, in the testing vials. We would also aim to have the same amount of flies in each vial to ensure consistency.

  3. Can you explain the results and how you measured/obtained them. I understand the process and the explanation of the results make sense, but I’m a little confused on how you made the conclusions and from what data they were drawn from.

    1. Of course! Each bar on the graphs represent one vial. The vial either contained the negative control, positive control, or different resveratrol concentrations. After the 10-14 day incubation period, we counted the flies that survived and that flies that died. This is known as the quantification step and how we calculated percent survival. We turned these numbers into a graph for easier visualization. From the graph, it was easier to notice trends and differences between the vials. From there, we were able to conclude the overall effectiveness of resveratrol and why it wasn’t very effective. I hope this helped!

  4. Good job! In addition to the limitation of the positive control and the amount of larvae in the vials, do you think there are any additional limitation that could’ve affected your results and why you didn’t get any hits?

    1. Yes! I’m certain that the antioxidant functions of resveratrol protected the larvae from radiation, which in turn made it easier from them to survive. It would be interesting to remove the antioxidant functions of resveratrol using medicinal chemistry and observe if that decreases percent survival.

  5. Good job! In addition to the limitations you mentioned, do you think there were any more that could explain why didn’t get any significant hits in your results?

    1. I am not really sure what an appropriate solvent be for Wormwood. So sorry, I would have to look into what Wormwood is.

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