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  1. Hi Stella! Interesting research! If Resveratrol had been a hit with radiation, would treatment involve a patient receiving radiation as well as the drug? Could this eventually progress to eliminate the need for radiation as well?

    1. Hi Holly! If Resveratrol had been shown to be a hit with radiation, it could go onto being further tested, and if it eventually was approved for treatment by the FDA, it could be used as a drug in combination with radiation. It may be possible to eliminate the need for radiation, however it would have to be effective enough without its help to be approved.

  2. Great job! Since this is now known that it is a drug, is this drug or could this drug be useful for cancer treatments?

    1. Thanks! As it is a drug, instead of a poison, it could potentially be useful for cancer treatments if more testing was performed. However, our data did not provide enough evidence for it to be potentially utilized yet.

  3. hello! great presentation. what do you plan to do differently if you had the chance to redo the experiment with the proper materials?

    1. Thank you! If given the chance to redo the experiment, I would definitely redo the concentrations used in the dilution series as they were slightly inaccurate for some vials. I would also increase the experiment size to include more doses and test the compound without the use of radiation.

  4. Why do you speculate that compounds with chemotherapeutic properties exist in nature?

    1. While I am not totally certain, I believe it is due to the fact that in nature there are many chemical compounds that interact differently to our bodies on a cellular level. Depending on the compounds, there may be positive and negative effects that can be used to combat tumor cells. Cancer is also largely impacted by environmental factors, so while one thing found in nature might harm you, another can have the adverse effect

  5. Since the compound was not a statistical hit when tested with the radiation. Why do you propose to test this compound without radiation?

    1. Testing without radiation could impact the results, and by testing without it, there could be more focus on the compound itself and its impacts on Drosophila melanogaster. With those results, it would be easier to eliminate its possibility to be used as a chemotherapeutic

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