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  1. Why do you think that highest dose was low and then the dilution series (with a concentration lower) ended up at almost the same level as the highest dose?

    1. We were surprised as well by this result! I do not have a definitive answer for this, but because some of our original measurements were incorrect, I would assume that this result is due to faulty measurement comparison. However, I would love to retest to see if this result came up again and see if the original result was an error, or if this trend is something to be further studied.

  2. If you were to continue testing this compound, what dose do you think would produce the best therapeutic effect? Especially since it seems the highest and lowest doses tested had the same results?

    1. If I could continue to test this compound, I would love to look at a range of doses between 0.15 mg/mL and 0.075 mg/mL because in the dosing series the last dose tested was the lowest percent survival with radiation. My goal is to find a dose 2 standard deviations below the positive control, and the last dose tested had the lowest percent survival so i would start with a range zeroing in on our lowest percent survival.

  3. How do you think Resveratrol would perform in long term testing? If it makes it to long term testing, how do you think it will effect cells?

    1. Based off of our results concluding that Resveratrol was not a hit, if we took it to long term testing now, I don’t think it would be proven to be a chemotherapy, because the cells would not be damaged beyond repair (think of the percent survival being higher than what is needed for a chemotherapy). However, if it were proven that the percent survival was lower in a different test, I would hope that in long term testing Resveratrol would kill enough cells that we would test its effects without radiation and determine if it could go into further testing.
      If it makes it into long term testing, our goal/hope would be that coupled with radiation the cells would undergo apoptosis being damaged beyond repair. However, based off our results I would predict there would be some damage to the cell, but not enough to prevent it from repairing itself.

    2. Based off of our results, Resveratrol if tested now in long term would not cause enough damage to induce cell death, and instead would only minorly damage the cell. However, if in a separate test it was proven a potential chemotherapy, we would look in long term testing for cell death. At long term testing, we are looking for the potential chemotherapy to cause damage to the cell so that it is unable to repair itself and dies (using that as a model for killing cancer cells). If our test was taken to long term now, I would predict resveratrol based off our results would damage the cell, but not enough to make it irreparable. But again, I would love to conduct further testing so I could take it to long term and test for cell death!

  4. Would you be interested in performing the experiment again to see if you could find statistical signifigance?

    1. I would LOVE to retest our compound. Because some of our original measurements were faulty, I would love to reconduct the experiment and see if at the right dosages, it acts as a potential chemotherapy. I am also curious to find further testing on this compound, because this was a previous student’s choice compound and it was effective, so I am curious how those results would compare to ours. There are so many health benefits already found in resveratrol, I would love to study that further and see if at different doses or tampered with in different ways, our compound would be a potential chemotherapy!

    2. I would love to conduct further research and perform the experiment again to find statistical significance! Because some of our original measurements were incorrect, I feel that if retested, we would find much more promising results! Also, because this compound was previously tested by other students and proven to be a hit, I would love to compare data and see if that was outlier results, or if that would be important for further study. The health benefits of resveratrol are already so impactful for the immune system, so I would love to continue to study this compound further.

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