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  1. Do you have any hypothesis as to what the outcome would be with the further studies that would be conducted with water as the solvent? Why did you suggest this in your future directions? Nice job! Your poster was interesting and the presentation was great.

    1. We’re not looking into how Allicin would be a chemotherapeutic if dissolved in water, instead we would be looking at the stability of Allicin by putting it in water and in that case I would hope that Allison would come out as a stable compound that we could use for future research.

    1. I would hope that the future testing of Allicin would show that it is useful and effective on its own without radiation so that the patients would not have to go through harmful effects of radiation, they would only have to go through their dose of Allicin

  2. Did Allicin kill almost everything? Could it just be a posion or is there hope for it to act like a drug?

    1. No, Allicinz is not a poison. It can definitely be used as a drug with further experimentation but we determined it is definitely not a poison because as we decreased the dosage more flies survived the trials.

  3. Great job! This seems like very interesting research! I’m just a little confused about what you said about Alicin being able to act on its own; what does this mean? What would more testing confirm about this?

    1. Yes, this means that Allicin can kill the rapidly dividing cells on its own, it does not need to be combined with radiation to do so. This is a good thing because our patients would not need to go through radiation along with chemotherapy to kill the cancer cells, they would only need the Allicin. If we did more radiation sensitizer experiments at more various doses of Allicin and more various types of radiation we could confirm this and this would be very useful to possibly using Allicin as a chemotherapy by itself without radiation.

  4. If Allicin does not need to be used with radiation, what is the effectiveness of Allicin compared to radiation? Could this possibly concluded with future research?

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