14 thoughts on “D24 – Bimali

  1. Have these drug methods for cancer been experimented on things closer to humans rather than just flies? Is there research that tests these experimental drugs on humans?

    1. Yep there have been screens using compounds of African Bitter Leaf on humans, that’s what we based these off of.

  2. What are some/ if any possible repercussions in long term treatment of Cancer using Vernonia Amygdalina?

  3. Great job! What experiments would you perform to investigate the effects of ethanol on fruit flies?

      1. Meaning using differing concentrations of ethanol mixed with a negative control that we know won’t harm the flies, we can see at what concentrations detrimental effects on the survival of flies. I believe that’s the best way to investigate the effects of ethanol on flies!

      1. Meaning proper extractions of the compounds we thought would work best in these experiments, Vernodalin and vernomygdin respectively!

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