10 thoughts on “D24b – Munoz

    1. I chose to experiment with Chloramphenicol because Chloramphenicol was a known antibiotic that kills bacteria. In a study I found, I saw that Cannabidiol combined with an antibiotic was shown to kill the bacteria. Cannabidiol, based off the study has no effect on bacteria. Since Chloramphenicol at a high dose is toxic, I wanted to find the low concentration where there is no effect on Salmonella. I wanted to see the effect of the two compounds combined on Salmonella.

  1. For your future experiment, you mention wanting to do more tests with different amounts of chloramphenicol and cannabidiol. What do you predict your results will be once you change these amounts?

    1. I predict that by changing the doses I would see something similar to the positive control, Ampicillin. Which is a well known antibiotic that works in killing bacteria.

    1. I used Cannabidiol because in a previous study, Cannabidiol combined with an antibiotic was shown to enhance the effect of killing the bacteria. I used methanol as a negative control because Cannabidiol dissolves in methanol.

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