8 thoughts on “D25b – Cherfils

  1. Why exactly did you choose ampicillin for your positive controls and DMSO for your negative controls?

    1. The negative control is the part of the experiment that does not receive any type of addition or change and so, in our case, the negative control had to be the solvent we used (DMSO). The positive control is a group that has an addition to it that generates the expected effect of the experiment and Ampicillin is a known antibiotic that effects cell walls and kills bacteria.

  2. Where do you think the lab error occurred exactly? What are some potential corrections that could be made to account for it?

    1. It is unclear, possibly an error with pipetting or our set up. It might just have been that one of them was a bust for reasons beyond our control.

    1. Protein kinases are enzymes that regulate activity of proteins and can change them from active to inactive. With this kinase characteristic, salmonella would be inactivated.

  3. What further information did you base this specific compound on? What potentials does it have?

    1. Like I said, we saw saw promising results in both past experiments and in its effects not eh human body. We were drawn to its natural appearance n human biosynthetic pathways and that proving it to potentially be less toxic.

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