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  1. Great Job! Since you used 70% ethanol as your negative control, do you think with a larger sample size of ethanol absorbance values could influence your results? Also, do you think a smaller concentration of EtOH could act less as an antimicrobial and be used to study?

    1. Thank you very much! We chose 70% ethanol because this was able to get more of our substances into the solution, and we had very little of our resins to work with, but as I discussed in the results different ethanol concentrations would likely shift our results by changing the negative control to be less likely to kill the bacteria. We were interested in trying different concentrations of ethanol but due to our limited amount of resin we were not able to do so.

    1. Thanks for the question, of course in science we would always like to do as many trials as possible but I believe if we include the trials we did do in data analysis in the future then I believe an additional 6 trials for everything would be ideal for data analysis.

  2. I really like the design of your poster! I was wondering, if you were able to do this over again knowing the results, what would you change about the experimental design?

  3. If you could repeat this experiment knowing the results, what would you change about the experimental design?

    1. No worries about the double comment, and as I discussed in my future methods section it would be useful to figure out a better purification process for the resins as this may get rid of some of the sugars that may be impacting our results, but other than that and additional testing the experimental design should be very reliable.

  4. ^^Sorry for the double comment, it wasn’t posting! You can just answer one and ignore the other!

  5. Great presentation! I was just wondering since i am unable to see on the graph for image 1, what your minimum concentration was to show a positive hit on impacting the growth of salmonella? And why you chose the value you did for the max dose?

    1. I am sorry you can’t see the graph that’s very strange? To answer your first question the positive hit line would be at an absorbance of 0.0418. And we chose the first maximum dose of our substance to be 100% or in other terms 100% concentration of our ethanol dilution because none of our background research gave a suggested max dose so we decided to do 100% for simplicity.

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