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  1. I really enjoyed your poster! In the future what could you potentially do to allow the larvae to make it to the pupal stage?

    1. One way we could instill the larvae to make it to the pupal stage is to create a more ideal environment for the the flies more space for them to eclose from the pupal cases. Furthermore, we could manipulate the concentration used of the SPIONs to create a less cytotoxic chemotherapeutic, but still have an effect solution to kill the larvae in relation to cancer cells.

    1. After our group went through numerous ideas and solutions that we thought were plausible for our experiment, we landed on Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles as a possible chemotherapy because it has not been tested before in fruit flies, and showed promising signs of effectiveness through the ability to manipulate the concentration to determine the right cytotoxicity. Further, one of my group members had a personal connection with the solution used, which made us more inclined to pursue our work with SPIONs.

    1. Our TAs and professor were in control of the number of larvae present within each vial. One thing that my group can could conduct to overcome these limitations is being so precise as to count each individual larvae to equal an exact amount throughout each vial in order to achieve the most accurate results. Our group of course would be the ones in control of counting the larvae.

  2. Hi! Amazing job. In regards to the question “Will the larvae fail to eclose if MFH is induced?” What does it mean if the larvae eclose? If they don’t eclose?

    1. The difference between whether the larvae does or does not eclose is to say whether or not the larvae survived(eclosed) or died(not eclosed) during the experimental trials. Now in regards to the question, it is asking whether or not the SPIONs when induced with MFH(magnetized) will have an effect on the flies on whether they will eclose or not.

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