10 thoughts on “D2B – Clason

  1. Your presentation was very good! What type of organism/molecule could you use in the future to test these compounds, or how could you find a good organism to test them on?

    1. We would like to test Phenazopyridine on grp mutant flies instead of wild type flies, as the grp mutants better model tumors with genetic damage.

  2. If you had to hypothesize, which structural features of these molecules is important when it comes to chemotherapy and cancer treatment?

    1. while most of our experimental conclusions revolve around exploring new structures, I would guess that structural features like more reactive functional groups would be important when it comes to cancer treatment.

  3. What about the structure of the compounds do you think might make it a chemotherapeutic?/what is seen in the literature about compounds like this?

    1. While non of our experiments showed that our compounds are definitively statistical hits, the compounds were chosen because of their similar structures to compounds that have shown promise in previous Discovery Lab screens. I think that the reason these structures suggest a chemotherapeutic is because of the functional groups that are associated with its structure.

    1. Our compounds were decided because they showed structural similarities to compounds that have shown promise in previous Discovery Lab screens.

  4. what compounds would you test next that you think will provide as successful outcomes? and is there any other way to decide which compounds to test besides the similar structures?

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