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    1. MGO is found in the Leptospermum Scoparium bush and when bees pollinate this bush and then make honey from it the compound transfers. It is found in southern Australia and New Zeeland, so it is not found in other honey only those in which the colony can have access to this bush.

  1. I was a bit confused with your future directions and just wanted to clarify — why would the inside/outside of the cell experiments mentioned in future directions be distinct? If it inhibits growth, do you mean testing specifically what/where MGO is is binding to on the salmonella in a macrophage environment?

    1. So Salmonella likes to hide inside macrophages and actually hijack them for their own use, we need to see if the MGO could interact inside the macrophage and still inhibit growth. Testing in a macrophage would help further determine if the drug should have research and development continued on it.

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