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  1. This came as a surprise to me because I did not know this type of research was being done in the drug discovery lab! What was one of the limitations you faced while doing your research?

    1. Hi Alan, thanks for the question. One limitation is the scale of the experiment. We only had two data points for each dilution, so some data points had large deviations from the reported average. Had we the ability to test more vials for each dilution, we might have more significant data.

    1. It is hard to say for sure, but we posited that we did not use a large enough volume of colchicine (the positive control), so it is possible that there was not an adequate amount of dispersion throughout the food medium, so the larvae did not consume enough of the control. Of course, there are other possibilities!

  2. Apart from their individual detrimental effects on cell life, what made you choose these two known chemotherapies rather than a singular natural compound that hasn’t been tested before?

    1. Sam, we were fairly certain that we would have more success (evidenced by low survival of larvae) with known chemotherapies rather than a substance that has no known chemotherapeutic effect. Following this, we became interested in testing these two known chemos in synergy to see if we could produce a low survival with smaller doses of both cytotoxic drugs.

    1. We completed this dose experiment on a very small scale (only two data points per dilution), so there were some large deviations from the averages that were reported. Also, we did not have a successful positive control, so it is possible there was an inherent unknown flaw to the experiement.

  3. Were the drugs you studied assigned to you or did you choose them? If you chose them, what made you do so?

    1. Joe, each group in the class was able to choose compounds. We chose two compounds that were actually not easily obtainable as they were investigational drugs. Professor Harvey actually had been working with Capecitabine and Erlotinib, so was graciously able to spare some of these compounds for our use.

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