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    1. Hey Willa thank you for your question. We began testing in fruit flies (due to the reasons mentioned), but there has been testing in mice. I think originally finding the correct dosage, and building up to more complex organism will increase the validity of the therapeutic effects of our compound.

  1. Could you explain what the green bars in graph two represent? It’s a little hard to read the words below each of the bars.

    1. Hey Madeleine thanks for your question. The green bars represent the averages of our 2 trials with the final bar being the composite from our lab. This was used to show our general data next to the control of our course to show that the fault in our data did not lie in the health of our flies, but perhaps the volume or other variables.

  2. Hi! Great work on your project! What are some things you found in literature that led you to choose your compound?

    1. Hey Zahra thanks for your question. Through reading there was discussion on how THQ has less of a cytotoxic effect than novel compounds that display micro tubular inhibition as well as a particular efficiency when the compound is administered orally which was thought to be helpful since the THQ was mixed with the food that would be consumed by our model organism.

  3. Do you think you would get different results if you were given more time? Also, do you think you would get different results if you experimented with a different organism?

    1. Hey Grace thanks for your question. I think that a lot of variables would attribute to a more definite conclusion. I think testing in other organism would hopefully yield the desired result of a chemotherapy hit, but definitely starting with fruit flies helps with find the correct concentration which may vary in other organisms.

  4. You mentioned that in your future directions, you’d want to test a larger population size with more similar proportions. What was the population size in this experiment, and why do you think it would be beneficial to use a larger one?

    1. Hey Shiau-Tau thanks for your question. The ideal population size for each concentration vial would be 50 in each, but we had vials ranging from 30 to 9 total larvae and this definitely impacted the data for it doesn’t clearly show the drugs effects as a chemotherapeutic. With the law of large numbers it would simply validate our research more or disprove it as it stands.

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