8 thoughts on “D31 – Howard

  1. I was curious to know if all the controls were reliable in plates that were great outliers. And how we can limit the “human error” you mentioned in the presentation.

    1. Yes the controls were reliable as we used Ampicillin and DMSO. We do not think there was a problem with the controls. The human error likely came from our failure to pipette accurately and we may have also not extracted accurately.

  2. Was there a reason behind doing 10% for your controls and lavender concentration, or was that chosen at random?

    1. Yes 10% was determined through our research process and also it was what our class had been using throughout the semester.

  3. I was curious as to why you picked that specific type of lavender and not another type. So, in other words, what made this specific type of Lavender more special than the others?

    1. This lavender was chosen because one of our group mates was from France and has easy access to that specific lavender. It also turns out that this specific lavender has a high concentrate of camphor.

  4. Clarifying question: for your results, did you decide that the bacteria death/growth inhibition in your lavender samples was entirely due to “human error” or do you think some of it was actually from the lavender properties?

    1. No we do think our data showed that lavender does indeed show some antimicrobial properties. It did appear to inhibit the growth but for specific outliers we think those could be reflected through human error.

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