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  1. Nice presentation! i was a bit confused on why ampicillin and 20% DSL (I think that what the video says) are the controls so could you explain that a little more?

    1. Of course! DMSO 20% was made the negative control because it should kill the bacteria, and the ampicillin was made the positive control because it is known to kill bacteria. Thank you

  2. You did a great job! I love how calmly you spoke. A question I have for you is, I know you mentioned other health benefits your compound has besides possible antimicrobial, so what would these benefits be?

    1. Hi thank you for your comment. Also Some other health benefits include improving digestion, reducing cholesterol, and aiding in infertility.

  3. Nice presentation! I was a bit confused on why ampicillin and 20% DSL (I think that what I heard) are the positive and negative controls so could you elaborate a little more?

  4. I love the speed and clearness at which you spoke it made understanding the presentation much easier! I see in your future directions you would like to test the same compounds on different bacteria and I was wondering if you have any bacteria in mind that you would like to test it on?

    1. Hello and thank you for your comment. Other bacteria I would consider testing this on is E.coli because it is also a gastrointestinal illness that infects many people.

  5. The zone of inhibition around your experimental compound was not circular like for your positive control. Do you have any ideas why that may have occurred?

    1. Hello, a few ideas I have as to why it wasn’t circular compared to ampicillin is because it may no be efficient in killing salmonella like ampicillin is. Or it could have been the concentration of linalool used in the agar plate.

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