10 thoughts on “D36 – Lowell

  1. How would you modify the experiments to make them more time saving? (since you mentioned time limitations)

    1. In regards to time limitations, we ran out of time because we wanted to run another batch of flies, but a lot of the remaining ones got an infection and died so we didn’t have time to breed more. So I think instead of making them more time saving, we would just run another batch to get more data.

    1. I think that I would only alter this experiment in order to give us a couple more weeks in order to get more larvae to run another test that we did not get too because of time limits.

  2. What is the benefit of choosing fruit flies in this research rather than a different organism?

    1. Fruit flies repopulate much quicker than other organisms, allowing for a lot of tests to be run at a fast pace. If you also mess up your experiment, you theoretically would be able to run another test if needed.

  3. Great presentation Ryan! Were you able to determine if your compound was additive or synergistic at all?

    1. We were not able to determine if our compound was additive or synergistic. We would have needed data without radiation to answer that effectively.

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