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  1. What does the fact that your compound was only successful at high concentrations indicate about its potential clinical use? Does this indicate it could be a viable chemotherapeutic when used in conjunction with other chemotherapeutics?

    1. Because the compound works in a dose dependent manner, we’d assume it’ll have an increased effect at higher concentrations though a different solvent would need to be used as our determined max dosage was also the max solubility in water. Despite its lack of significant effect on the survival rates of the fly population, it may be a viable chemotherapeutic though more testing, especially with existing therapies, would be needed.

  2. Did prior studies show Bromelain to be a less or more effective chemotherapeutic and does that mean that it can still be used to some degree of effectiveness?

    1. Prior studies didn’t exactly determine if bromelain would be less/more effective in terms of chemotherapy, but it did show to have an effect on inducing cell apoptosis and inhibiting growth which is exactly what we’re looking for. We’d need to compare it with other forms of cancer treatment and more testing would be needed to see whether it is absolutely viable, but the compound does show promise.

  3. Which one of your future plans for further testing do you believe will be the best approach? Why?

    1. It’d be in our best interest to test bromelain in conjunction with other cancer treatments to determine whether it further enhances the treatment, as well as figuring out how we could increase the concentration of bromelain in solutions past its max solubility and determine where, if ever, the effect of bromelain falls off

  4. Using this same study parameters but in mammals such as mice, how do you think the results might differ?

    1. Going off a guess, the results would be more erratic as the physiology between mammals differs significantly. We’d also be testing for different things, as the experiments would mostly determine the physiological side effects of different dosages of bromelain.

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