10 thoughts on “D41 – Davis

  1. When you said this data was not very reliable because only one fly was tested, how many would you recommend testing for the best results that will be more reliable and would you test multiple different mutants?

    1. I would recommend testing at least 3 or 4 vials. I would also test other mutants such as the P53 mutants.

  2. As you said your data was not very reliable because only one fly was tested, generally how many flies would you recommend be tested to gain more accurate results and how many different mutated flies would you use?

  3. Do you think different concentrations of melittin (even lower than what you used) might be more effective and show different results with less death rate?

    1. Given the data we had I don’t think that different concentrations of melittin would have been any more affective. It appears to be a poison.

  4. Why did you choose to use Melittin in combination with radiation? Was this done to mimic radiation treatments in humans?

    1. We chose melittin because it showed promise for breast cancer in other studies and yes the radiation is used to simulate radiation treatments done in humans.

  5. Do you think that if the amount of Melittin added to the vials was decreased then it would be more likely to work for chemoterapy?

    1. I don’t think even if you made the concentrations even lower that it would become anymore affective as a chemotherapy.

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