8 thoughts on “D43 – Franklin

  1. For the future you mentioned that you’d recommend people to do further dilutions. What is the purpose of the dilutions, and to what extent would be the most dilute sample to test?

    1. Having more dilutions means we will be testing on more Drosophila which means we will have more statistically correct results. We only did 4 dilutions so we would probably recommend 8.

  2. Because it is considered a “potential chemotherapy,” what will you need to further investigate to determine if the chlorotoxin is viable?

  3. What made you first think of using Chlorotoxin as a possible chemo treatment? It just seems so obscure I’m curious

    1. My group knew that we wanted to choose some kind of venom and Chlorotoxin has been shown to be effective in head and neck cancers which is what we are studying.

  4. Based on the data you were able to collect, would you say your compound is more likely to be toxic or a potential chemotherapy?

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