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    1. Gold has a similar structure to platinum, which is currently used in chemotherapeutic drug treatment.

  1. What other model can be used to in this research apart from the specific model used as a potential Chemotherapy for cancer.

    1. Testing in cancerous cell cultures would provide insight to whether or not the drosophila melanogaster model limited the dose response curve/results.

  2. You said that there was previous literature that suggested gold could be used as a potential chemotherapy. Could you elaborate on this literature and explain what properties of gold make it a potential treatment for cancer? Furthermore, do you think it’s possible that a gold treatment may have significantly different effects on human tumor cells than on DM due to the difference in species?

    1. One of the key reasons for gold being believed to have potential chemotherapeutic value comes from its close relation to platinum, another metal currently being used as a chemotherapy agent. There is a very real possibility that DM have a different response to gold than humans, so further testing would be needed to determine this. Testing on cancerous cell cultures would allow research on this difference without needing to risk patient health.

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