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  1. Excellent video, loved this experiment! Some quick questions, could you give me some details as to why fruit flies are similar to cancer, making them a viable simulation for cancer and chemo? Furthermore, what other organism would you test if you had more time, and are fruit flies commonly used for experiments like this?

    1. I am not sure if Fruit Flies are a common testing subject. However, I know that fruit flies represent the checkpoint kinase 1 mutation found in humans! If I had more time, I would think that testing on cell cultures and mice would be cool because it could do a better job representing what gold could do to a human. Great questions!

  2. Great job on the presentation! I’m curious about what kind of gold you used, for example was it nanoparticles or in a suspension? How soluble was it?

    1. Great question! The gold was nanoparticles which were suspended in a two mM sodium citrate solution. It came from nanoComposix!

  3. Great presentation! You mentioned in your limitations section that there was a low number of trials conducted. Do you think that the data will change in any significant manner with more trial groups?

    1. I don’t think that many results would change because the max dosage experiment showed no chemotherapeutic value and no hits for the gold. There was a low number of trials because there was a bacterial infection that reduced our fly population

    1. This is a good question. I am not sure if a higher dose would be more effective but I doubt it based on our results. We were advised to keep our max dosage at 0.1% but it would be interesting to test a high dosage like 10% gold in the future. Great question!

    1. Fruit Flies were a good model organism for research this semester because one they were easy to get and also testing on flies was very humane. Lastly, fruit flies represent the checkpoint kinase 1 mutation found in humans so it was a good representation for this semester.

  4. This is more of a general question, but how does platinum or gold interact with organisms to treat cancer

    1. I read through some research articles and learned platinum particularly effective against testicular cancer, and is also used in the treatment of ovarian and some lung cancers, as well as lymphoma and other cancers. So because gold has a similar structure to platinum, we chose gold to experiment with. Great question!

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