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  1. Did other people in your lab research different drugs and bacteria, or did you all work on the same broad project?

    1. Groups researched different compounds on the one model organism, Salmonella Typhimurium, which is a type of bacteria that causes food poisoning in humans and typhoid-like symptoms in mice.

  2. Could you elaborate a bit on the different classes of drugs you mentioned and why your expected results differed for these different types (ie. your berberine chloride versus ampicillin)?

    1. A different class of antibiotics are discovered when a drug has a different mechanism for acting as an antibiotic. Berberine and all the other compounds researched have not been classified as an antibiotic therefore further research needs to be done to identify their mechanism to be able to say that a new class of antibiotic has been discovered.

    1. Thank you! A relative of mine mentioned to me how they were using the herb as treatment for a UTI therefore I thought it would be really interesting to study it is a possible antibiotic.

  3. Which of your future directions would you be most interested in pursuing (if you had more time in this class), and why?

    1. I would be interested to continue to study the efficiency and stability of Berberine by testing it in cell media in order to see its affect on other cells. If that gives good results, it would be even more interesting to see how the compound affects a whole organism (like a mice) and if it’s still effective in killing bacteria.

  4. Since Berberine was a hit and is a drug which is not poisonous could you farther test it to see if it can be used in other experiments or used as an antibiotic or can it be mixed with other drugs?

    1. Further testing in cell media would be needed in order to see its affect on other cells. Researchers could add other compounds, however, it would be essential to fully researched the efficiency and stability of each separately to be able to understand the results when combined.

  5. Yes, I have a similar question regarding the overview of the class and what each group was supposed to do in regards to researching different types of methods?

    1. Every group had to choose a compound to study their efficiency in killing the bacteria, however the experiments used were the same. We ran max dose experiments, a dilution series, and a bacteriostatic/bacteriocidal experiment.

  6. Would Berberine function as a stand-alone treatment or would it need to be used in combination with other drugs to be fully effective?

    1. Further research would be needed to identify Berberine as a possible antibiotic and that goes the same with if other compounds could be used to make Berberine more effective. Something that would be interesting to research would be the other compounds in GoldenSeal Herb and test their effect with Berberine.

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