8 thoughts on “D4b – Cichocki

    1. Measuring the absorbance values allows us to determine the relative amounts of bacteria in each well. This allows us to determine how what was in the wells effected the bacteria.

    1. The result that we got was not the expected result, however this is a very common occurrence when studying these compounds. However, there is still a chance to get the expected results if there were to be another experiment run with an expanded version of the 12 sample and 14 sample dilution series.

  1. Awesome Job! If you combine antibiotics with other types of treatments, does it have any affect on antibiotic resistance?

    1. No, because antibiotic resistance happens due to random mutations of the bacteria that cause some of the bacteria to be resistant to the antibiotic and allows for them to be able to reproduce. Thus, creating a new colony of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

  2. We originally were trying to test another compound that did not come in time, so we had to switch compounds very late and because of that the method was given to us mostly. We also were wanting to test a wide range of concentrations of Cisplatin.

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