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    1. Hi! The grape juice plates were used to feed the adult flies and provided an environment for reproduction. The grape juice plates were also where the adult flies laid their larvae, which were then collected from the plates!

  1. I would love to know if you had any ideas about why your results were so non linear? was there anything wonky about your data that could suggest it is not the best or maybe something about the compound itself?

    1. Hi! Since our data was inconclusive, it likely points that our compound on it’s own cannot function as either a radiation protector or sensitizer. Due to our previous research, we believe it is likely that the compound cannot produce cytotoxic effects on it’s own and would likely need to be combined with other natural compounds to produce the desired effects we were hoping for.

    1. The drug itself is not developed, and currently could not be used for anything. The experiment was designed to see if the compound could potentially function as a chemotherapeutic drug, and possibly treat and kill cancer cells!

  2. Are there other forms of phospholipase A2 that could be tested? Does phospholipase A2 only come from honey bee venom?

    1. Yes! Phospholipase A2 can be found in several forms, our group tested Group III secretory phospholipase A2 which is found in honeybee venom. Phospholipase A2 can be found in almost all animal venoms including snakes, bees, and wasps. Phospholipase A2 can also be found in mammalian stomach tissues because their enzymatic properties aid in digestion. Phospholipase as a whole is a family of metabolic enzymes which all have their own properties, and are minimally researched. I hope this helped!

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