10 thoughts on “D55 – Viselli

  1. Although your antibiotic was unsucessful, were you able to determine a toxic dose and a safe dose for the human body?

    1. One graph is from our Dose-Response experiment and the other is from the Bacteriostatic/Bactericidal experiment. The Dose-Response was tested using a lower concentration of Piperidine and did not inhibit the growth of bacteria, whereas the other experiment was tested using a higher concentration, allowing it to inhibit the growth of bacteria.

  2. What compounds in the Piperidine cause its antibiotic properties? Is it found in other ant venom?

    1. It is possible, yes. Considering its ability to inhibit the growth of salmonella and bacteria such as E Coli.

  3. Great presentation! What is the effect of different concentrations of Piperidine on the bacteria?

    1. A higher concentration of Piperidine has more positive effects because it is a lot stronger and able to inhibit the growth of bacteria a lot easier than a low concentration.

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