8 thoughts on “D56 – Shepherd

  1. Great job! What did the results of your bacteriostatic/bactericidal experiment indicate? Why do you think you got hits there but not in your dose response curve?

    1. Hi Zahra, our results showed that our compound was bactericidal. We have hypothesized that these may have been potential this because there was different concentrations that started at a higher concentration of piperidine in comparison to the dose response curve concentrations.

  2. Nice work! Hypothetically, if the ant venom is approved for effective antibiotic treament, what ways do you think it will be delivered into a patient? What would be the applications for this treament?

    1. Thank you Benjamin! Before becoming an administered antibiotic, we would have to test this compound against human macrophage cells to determine a therapeutic index (a safe dose for humans). The results of this testing would then determine how this drug would be delivered to a patient, meaning further testing is needed!

    1. Hey Reid awesome question, these fire ants can be found virtually everywhere in North America!

  3. Since your drug did not inhibit salmonella growth what can you use this result to understand? For example does it mean theres one less drug to try?

    1. Hi Sophie, we believe that there is still potential to use piperidine as a form of antibiotic, we had a very hard time creating a variety of concentrations so we believe further testing of new concentrations would be beneficial.

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