10 thoughts on “D5b – W Thompson

    1. It is hard to say exactly but because the media that we tested the compounds in acted like a macrophage it possibly could act the same but it is hard to say for sure without testing.

  1. You were talking about how your compounds were beginning to degrade for the future directions and I was wondering why that was. What makes them degrade and is there a way to preserve them for longer for future experiments?

    1. The compounds are very toxic so it is really hard to keep them from degrading they would have to stay frozen to not degrade.

    1. Yes, they are very toxic so unless the dose is small enough the TKIs are harmful to just about everything. That is why we did the dilution series to see if we could make the dosing small enough where it kills Salmonella but not everything else.

  2. Do you predict your results for this experiment will be similar if this was repeated using human cells and why?

    1. Yes, we would predict it would be similar because the media the salmonella grew in was supposed to replicate a macrophage which is where salmonella would be in a human.

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