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    1. Thank you! Since the drugs we tested inhibited growth of Salmonella well, it is likely to inhibit growth of many bacterium.

  1. Good job! I thought this was so fascinating! Can you explain what the short and long term implications of this are on a larger scale?

    1. EDIT: To elaborate, how applicable is this to other strains and species of bacteria right now? And can we expect to see similar results if this procedure is repeated in 50 years?

      1. Thanks! I would assume that it would not be as effective using the same drug in 50 years but it could be an effective way of consistently testing new drugs.

  2. Good Job, however id like to know how you felt about the lab and the results that you found. How would you further this experiment if you had another semester?

    1. I thought the lab was very fun and interesting. I was a little confused myself about why some TKIs inhibited growth and some did not. If I had another semester, I would try combining Sorafenib and Imatinib. I would also do serial dilutions on Lapatinib.

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