12 thoughts on “D5D – Schabbing

  1. Would you expect there to be many other options of chemotherapeutic drugs that would provide beneficial results like you have researched here that just have not been FDA approved yet?

    1. Yes this the typical way of drug discovery and that is why we get new drugs by trying every compound we know

  2. Since the dosage was injected into the fly food, how are you certain the flies actually received that certain dosage?

    1. since the food was mixed thoroughly I would give a high level of certainty that the flies got the drug and also in our experiment our drug was killing them so this further supports it

    1. a mouse model would be probably the most achievable because it adds a much more sophisticated pathway in terms of drug processing and it is relatively easier to get than other animal models like monkeys

    1. A hit is what we call statistically significant data and for this experiment we defined that as 2 standard deviations below the average of the negative control. if you have more questions feel free to ask

  3. What background information made you choose Methiothepin as the drug in question? Was it because it was already FDA approved?

    1. we were given a list of a lot of compounds and we chose to look at the FDA approved drugs and then we saw this one had the efflux pump inhibitor activity so that became our compound

  4. Great presentation! Could you explain why the fruit flies were chosen as a model organism?

    1. flies reproduce at very rapid rate and do have very much maintenance associated with them. the larvae as well take a lot of radiation so that helps model a cancer that has been treated with radiation and how the chemotherapeutic impacts it

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