5 thoughts on “D6 – Barr

  1. If Vriditoxin isn’t the compound giving antibiotic properties, which compound would you test from the jellyfish toxin next?

    1. Spoorthy, great question! Finding another compound in the jellyfish fungus would require a deeper dive into the chemical structure of the fungus itself, which we did not do in our preliminary research. Another avenue would be to utilize a medicinal chemistry approach (example: adding more functional groups) to the Viriditoxin and seeing if that makes any difference.

  2. What other natural compounds would you think of testing following your results that Viriditoxin is not an antibiotic?

    1. Macy, in our initial search there was another promising compound that was found in Jellyfish ovaries. We were unable to test this compound because we couldn’t obtain it. In future testing, this would probably be the first place we would look.

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