8 thoughts on “D66 – O’Connell

  1. How do you think the antimicrobial effects of the compound may be affecting if you were to test the EGCs in different mediums in the future?

    1. I actually had thought about using a medium in which there is no nutrients. Due to the U curved shape I theorize that the other food products in the EGCg capsule may be growing our bacteria. If we do this then we can determine the growth of our compound with that media compared to DMSO.

  2. You theorized that the cause of your “U” shaped curve was due to the presence of extra nutrients in which the bacteria “could have been able to grow.” If the extra nutrients allowed more bacteria to be produced, why would a decreased dose result in the death of more bacteria?

    1. This is because our EGCg capsule carried 200 milligrams of other food products which may have acted as nutrients for our bacteria. This was also put into our dilutions. When our dilution got smaller so did the amount of nutrients in the dilution.

  3. You mentioned that there are multiple compounds in the ECGC capsules, do you know what they are and if they are also found in green tea?

    1. One that we know of is caffeine, I would have to do more research to find the other compounds.

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