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  1. How does Melittin influence apoptosis of cancer cells, is it cell specific or does it kill all cells?

    1. like most chemotherapeutics it targets all cells, and it kills these cells by opening up pores in the plasma membrane. this causes water to rush into the cell, and it basically pops like a balloon

  2. Would using bacteria instead of flies as your model organism for this project effect the integrity of your results? What are the advantages of using flies instead of bacteria for this specific experiment?

    1. I don’t think it would necessarily impact the experiment as there are some bacteria that are incredibly radiation resistant. however, I think it would make quantifying survival much harder.

    1. we would have liked the introduction of radiation to cause a fall in survival rate, but looking at our data, there is little difference in survival rate between non irradiated and irradiated. if anything it was a little higher once the radiation was introduced.

    1. the data that we have now says probably not, however when used in conjunction with other chemotherapeutics it could allow for a lower dosage, as melittin increases the formation of pores in the plasma membrane.

  3. Good presentation! What would the possible course of treatment using this method look like?

    1. if this was to be used in treatment it would likely be used in addition to other chemotherapeutics to allow for lower doses of these main chemotherapeutics. due to melittins pore forming capabilities, it could allow these other drugs to get into the system more efficiently

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