8 thoughts on “D68 – Frankel

  1. Given the opportunity to continue your research, would you personally elect to continue experimentation with melittin or would you pursue research with PhTx3-4?

    1. It would kill cells quicker. This is especially useful in cells with amplified efflux pumps.

  2. Why were flies used instead of bacteria as your model organism. Would that affect the results of the overall experiment or would it still be the same?

    1. Flies represent a method of in vivo experimentation which involves factors like metabolism, absorption, cell specificity, etc. These factors make our research more directly applicable to uptake of compounds in tumor cells in humans. These factors cannot be considered in in vitro experiments (bacteria).

  3. Was the average of +2 or -2 of standard deviations a value that was given to you in class, or did you guys have to come up with it yourselves? In other words, why would that be considered significant?

    1. The composite percent survival which the standard deviations then came from were collected from the class (not ourselves). We tested whether a compound was a “hit” using the standard deviation method because matching above or below the hit values represents a significant impact of the compound in comparison to others.

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