7 thoughts on “D6A – Rosen

  1. Hey great job guys. I was wondering; how did y’all decide on the concentrations of Turkey Tail Extract to test?

  2. I am curious how you incorporated turkey tail mushrooms into your phage research. What made you correlate your phage and this specific mushrooms?

  3. Great presentation! I was wondering why the specific controls were used for this experiment and how they effected the results

  4. Great job!! You might have already said this in your presentation but I was just curious as to what you thought your expected results would be before conducting these experiments.

  5. How do you think a polysaccharide is acting as a chemotherapeutic? what is known about the mechanism of polysaccharides in killing cancer cells?

  6. How did you decide to research the specific compound polysaccharide-k over other compounds in turkey tail mushrooms?

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