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    1. Studies of PSK have suggested its potential as a biological response modifier and as a promising adjuvant cancer treatment.The active key PSK has proven to be effective in treating several types of cancers including gastric, colorectal, breast, esophageal and lung cancers when administered in as an adjuvant therapy.

    1. Its a bit up to values and what you believe is ethical or not. In my opinion, it would be more ethical than going straight to human trials. As long as the animals are well cared for and the research is promising, it would be ethical.

  1. When choosing which chemotherapy to test, what considerations did you make before deciding up on the Turkey Tail mushroom?

    1. To be honest, the name of the drug, turkey tail mushroom really drew me in. It is a well known immunotheraputic on the Eastern Hemisphere, and has been extremely successful in cancers such as gastric!

  2. Since the compound was only tested as a dilution series, do you think there are other experiments that can be made in the short term that could provide valuable information regarding this compounds properties and effectiveness? And if so, what are they?

    1. If short term just involves the fruit flies, we would definitely like to test more dilution concentrations through their food just to determine more hits as well as solidify our conclusions. I am sorry if I did not make this clear, but we did test the stock compound solution on the flies first before the dilutions (1mg/mL). This was one of our hits!

  3. Do you think that there are potentially other mushrooms that may yield the same results? If so, which ones would you consider repeating the experiment with?

    1. I could be incorrect, but I believe PSK is only in turkey tail mushrooms, which is the mostly what our research was about. So likely, not a lot of mushrooms would be able to act as a chemotheraputic, but I would need to research this more! Great question!

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