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    1. Great question. While some promising research has been done in cell lines using DHA, the DM model provides a heterogeneous rapidly dividing in vivo model which can have different results than homogeneous cell lines.

  1. Do you think this treatment could have been effective with better resources to perform the experiment?

    1. Yes. While it’s amazing we can do this in a semester lab, there are limitations. We did not have enough compound to use a max dose (and still do the replicates and experiment) that might have provided significant results. Also many more replicates of every trial would have increased the confidence in the results. As it was the variation in pupae in the vials made our variance super high. Thanks for asking!

  2. Could other model organisms be used in your experiment that wouldn’t require as much DHA? (considering that was one of the limitations you stated)

    1. That’s a good question. I am probably ignorant of the full set of similar model organisms. I do think one way to modulate the effect would be to use a higher dose of radiation so that the larvae might be more sensitive to the effects of the compound.

    1. I was very encouraged by the dose-response curve. I’m suspicious of our lowest concentration which was done a week later and the viability and amount of the larvae added to the vials was in question. But if we consider only the concentrations run in the initial experiment, the fact that it steps down consistently in survival to me holds promise that one could dose higher for a significant result and that would indicate that the compound could be used in combination and controlled for toxicity.

    1. The literature we found was focused on DHA which is a derivative of wormwood. We used the wormwood to see if the total extract might have a different effect. The DHA has evidence of a number of different mechanisms, the one most interesting to us in this experiment was increasing the radiosensitivity by decreasing the time cells spend in S phase which is the most resistant to radiotherapy. But separating the different compounds of wormwood to determine what works how would certainly be really interesting and it has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries.

    1. The wormwood extract was dissolved in alcohol and water so we would want to match that as a solvent. One could imagine the alcohol itself potentially having effects on survival.

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